Friday, October 27, 2006

Trust in God ?

Can we only say we trust in God when all is well?
When we know we are insured?
When we know we have thousands in the bank?

These questions came to mind when my life insurance agent was advising me to "up" my coverage. I'm sure her heart and intentions were in the right place- and the $15 extra I refused to pay to up the coverage IS really a small amount... but one thing kept coming to mind.... "Where is my faith in God?"

Now, don’t get me wrong- I do have insurance incase God calls me or my husband home... however I don’t feel I NEED to have an enormous amount- there will be no bills left behind already- and what we did get would provide him or I enough to take care of the girls but hey- I'm not expecting to get rich off his death!

When I say “God will supply our needs"- I mean this with all my heart. He has and he will continue WITHOUT my help. God did not say he will, until I get enough insurance or money saved in the bank. ... we need to LIVE like we know .

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Does God need to slow us down?

One of my greatest fears is to be “slowed” down by God so that I can hear his words and walk on his path. I think my daily effort and prayer is to remain conscience of God. …and not only conscience of God but to remain aware of my (HIS) purpose and why HE created me.
This is hard, because in the midst of trying to do HIS will- my own ‘self will’ tries to take control and steer me in a different direction.

We all have goals- personal goals…some of which are goals WE put on ourselves and others are goal God has placed in our heart to fulfill his purpose.

How do we remember that we are created for HIS purposes alone?
How do we abandon some desires, and goals that may not be of God but self directed?
How do we release our lives, totally living and doing the will of our Lord?

Love Christ.
I have found in really loving him – I, we, will want to do as he instructs. We will WANT to do what pleases him.
Stay connected. Pray.
Read- love and yearn his word.
Love HIS love- no matter the form it comes in…

Peace & Blessings,