Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why "Candy In Your Closet?" what I'm usually asked. I think I can never get enough of telling the story-(although it's only been a few months- ask me again 3yrs from now-lol)

Well, one day my husband and I had NO money. I mean- NONE- and as common practice for people that get to this state, I started to go through all my pockets for change. EVERY coat pocket, pants pocket, change bank and lastly all my hand bags. I have quite a few bags so I was SURE I'd fine enough quarters. Unfortunately, we must've cleaned all of my bags out the last time we were in this state and never replenished the source because this time, I found NOTHING. Nothing except a pack of "Button Candy". You know the cheap kind, usually found in "penny candy stores" back in the day- that come stuck on paper?
While sitting in my closet, underneath all of my bags I felt so disgusted with life. I was vastly sinking into depression. "This is NO way to live", is what I thought.
From my heart to God's ears; at that moment I came up with a radical idea. "Why not open a handbag store?"

On the floor, I milled it over a few times trying to think of a way to approach my husband with yet ANOTHER "crazy" business idea. And the more I thought about it, the happier I became. The lighter my heart got. It just FELT RIGHT!!
So I had to not only tell my husband that I had found NO money, but also "I want to start a business within the next week".... lol.. ONLY ME.

But you know, God was with me, and him, and opened his heart to accept my idea and support me 100%.

Within a month
Candy In Your Closet was born.

From then on, I certainly believe that inspiration is everywhere. Our calling is at our finger tips if we can only take a moment to look, listen and have faith in God, the one who gave us our talents.

I say all that to say, that I hope this blog becomes a blessing and motivator for not only me, but for those with buried talents. Those afraid to venture out on their ideas and MAKE IT HAPPEN.
We must not be afraid of failure- especially if we're not happy in our current state. What is there to lose?

Peace & much love,

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reposition yourself for greatness

I have been really busy. Busy doing JUST that- repositioning myself for greatness and great things God has had come my way.
I have learned that sometimes we have to step back, a side, up or down to be where ever we need to be to get what God has for us, and no matter the move...if it's spirit led, greatness will follow.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Continue to reach your dreams... I can help

I have a GA RE Sales license and would love to help you or someone you know reach their dream of home ownership....
Please feel free to contact me if you are in search or have questions regarding buying or selling a home in the Atlanta area...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Keep a Journal

You'd be amazed at what we endure and overcome through God's grace in a year. I recommend keeping a journal. Write down any and all events. Your highs and lows... your prayers, dreams, thoughts and desires...then look back over your journal a year from now- see the mighty things God has done in your life.

I stumbled on an old journal from several years ago, when I lived in NY..I listed
"get a car, start a business, live in a house"...
I've been very blessed, and please to say that not only have I done these things, but I've done them repeatedly-lol...

Keep a journal see God's work in your life daily.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I will have an abundant life.
I HAVE an abundant life.
These are Biblical truths.
God's promises.
I will stand on faith.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Life is short...

So, what are you waiting for?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I AM Created With Purpose

One of the things I've begun to do has been to chant during meditation....
No, not just ANY chant... or some man made chant developed to please the ear, and trick the mind... but to chant the Word of God- the living word, the true word.

"I AM Created With Purpose"...

I started doing this during one of my "panic" attacks. It didn’t help when I first started..but now, I am grateful for the peace it brings.

I couldn't figure out why I would get these sudden attacks. Yes, I know I have not completed many of my started projects, yes- I have not met my financial goal, and yes- I do not feel that I'm where I should be- now turning a new age.
However, I didn't think these things were enough to cause my anxiety.
I was wrong.
Upon praying about the situation and asking God’s guidance, God had revealed some powerful truths to me....about myself.

Firstly, my chant had not been effective because I had NOT believed it in my soul.
There is one thing to chant some self-help words just to get by and trick the mind…but it’s a whole other ball park when you are speaking of spiritual- Godly- Christ entwined- things.
It was almost like God said, “Who are you trying to fool?”

Had I gotten SO comfortable with my ideas and MY self that I had lost touch with God. .. Yes. I did. God’s perfect vision had become a skewed, MY vision and I had not continued to seek his counsel and direction.
His purpose moved to what I THOUGHT were MY purposes… and since I had not created myself, how could the chant “I AM Created With Purpose” be effective?
I wasn’t even aligned with the creator anymore.. all my doings were in vain, and I was following my own made up purpose.

Again, I was now on my own mission. I was following my OWN purpose. God had showed me that it would be impossible to prosper –at least, eternally, following MY own path… this is going against the grain of my creation!!! It was HIS purpose I was created for and his alone! I was reminded of God being a jealous God… I had turned away from him and was now on my own path, with my own gods-my false visions.

It was funny to me that we’ve been discussion the resurrection in Sunday school. The irony was that I felt a constant re-birth when I reconciled with God and was back on his track.
Getting back on track wasn’t easy.
It meant I had to put all my plans aside. Seek the face of God, and be willing to hear and accept HIS purpose for my existence. Even if it meant giving up the vision I had- and thought was from him. Even if it means giving up the work I’ve done on my project. The purposeful project I THOUGHT he had placed in my life, even though I had strayed.
I had to be willing to accept his will for me.

Now listening to God and the message he put in me, I don’t feel he has called me to STOP working on those projects- although I do feel that he has called me to 1)recommit myself to him- all of me… and 2) not to move until he tells me the next steps.

It’s time for me to LIVE and KNOW that “I AM Created With Purpose” but first, I must get in my heart and mind, that the purpose is not my own. I belong to a loving God- so not matter what he advises, it will be with meaning and make an impact on the world.