Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Update; I keep…

I’m way off schedule with developing and launching my line of handbags. Got derailed in the house buying project and it has halted everything. But I’m still excited and staying motivated about next year and the plans I have for the year. As I stated, in addition to launching the CIYC line, I also intend to open the walk-in Boutique. Actually the house buying did hindered the launch but I see it playing a part in obtaining and opening the store. I’m positioning myself geographically and financially in a better position to do this.
1) I’m looking to buy in East Atlanta- by the East Atlanta Village where I intend to open the boutique
2) I am buying a house with equity, where I can take a loan against that to help open the store and help with inventory.
So all in all, it will work together. Although, I don’t see clearly it now, and it all looks sketchy I have the vision- a distant vision, but one no less….and really, that’s all you need; a vision!

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