Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In step with the Master...

Today I felt a bit of anxiety. I've been waiting on the "go" from God to do something I've been praying on for a while.
For some reason today, it seemed like all was perfect in the universe aligning things 'just so' that I should seize the moment....however, I still did not have confirmation form the Lord and the "go" I've been waiting on.....
The moment to seize felt rushed... I felt unsure... and not confident in God being IN this moment.
Me- being ME (human)... wanted to take matters into my own hands and run for the opportunity... hoping that God will either catch up or appear at the finished line granting me my reward...
For a brief moment I forgot who was carrying me through this race.

It isn't possible to do anything without God and have it to work out perfectly. When we pray for God's guidance and direction, we must totally embrace all that it may offer... even the waiting period- even when it seems you are stagnant, standing still and the world is going on around you..passing you by.

After all...isn't HE the Bless-er?

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