Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why "Candy In Your Closet?" what I'm usually asked. I think I can never get enough of telling the story-(although it's only been a few months- ask me again 3yrs from now-lol)

Well, one day my husband and I had NO money. I mean- NONE- and as common practice for people that get to this state, I started to go through all my pockets for change. EVERY coat pocket, pants pocket, change bank and lastly all my hand bags. I have quite a few bags so I was SURE I'd fine enough quarters. Unfortunately, we must've cleaned all of my bags out the last time we were in this state and never replenished the source because this time, I found NOTHING. Nothing except a pack of "Button Candy". You know the cheap kind, usually found in "penny candy stores" back in the day- that come stuck on paper?
While sitting in my closet, underneath all of my bags I felt so disgusted with life. I was vastly sinking into depression. "This is NO way to live", is what I thought.
From my heart to God's ears; at that moment I came up with a radical idea. "Why not open a handbag store?"

On the floor, I milled it over a few times trying to think of a way to approach my husband with yet ANOTHER "crazy" business idea. And the more I thought about it, the happier I became. The lighter my heart got. It just FELT RIGHT!!
So I had to not only tell my husband that I had found NO money, but also "I want to start a business within the next week".... lol.. ONLY ME.

But you know, God was with me, and him, and opened his heart to accept my idea and support me 100%.

Within a month
Candy In Your Closet was born.

From then on, I certainly believe that inspiration is everywhere. Our calling is at our finger tips if we can only take a moment to look, listen and have faith in God, the one who gave us our talents.

I say all that to say, that I hope this blog becomes a blessing and motivator for not only me, but for those with buried talents. Those afraid to venture out on their ideas and MAKE IT HAPPEN.
We must not be afraid of failure- especially if we're not happy in our current state. What is there to lose?

Peace & much love,


Ashley said...

I want you to write more in this. The story was beautiful. I'll say it again a million and one times, I wish you many success with your business.

Kassidy said...

I agree with Ashley, Nia. You should utilize this blog more. So I’ll continue checking back just in case you take our advice.

Zorba said...

hey nia,

im thankful to you and god both that somehow i was lead to your blog. especially, the beautiful words and the power of motivation that it provided me, made my richer today.

long live your spirit

It's Just T said...

Wow! I let a little time pass and come back to check on your progress and find that you've transformed yourself! You always find a way to make my heart swell. I am so happy to watch your growth as you expand your space and horizons. All my love and blessings to you as I share in the ride of your journey, sweety.

Luv ya


Real Sister's Rising said...

Hello Nia,
I love you blog! The words are so motivating. And I needed that today, because I feel like just forgetting about building on Real Sister's Rising because of the lack of support. But I'm not! Thank You for adding Real Sister's Rising to your blog. You are a blessing.

Sha Gibbs

The Nappyheaded Pensieve said...

Thank you soooo much for visitn my blog. That story was so motivating. Giiirl I need to get off my butt and do something with these gifts GOD has given me. Thanks for the link, I shall come visit often and when money get right, I'ma have to buy something cuz I love purses like I love earrings and that's alot! ;o)

Jacqui said...

Hey, Nia!

Just had an opportunity to check out your blog ... excellent! I truly can appreciate your 'closet' experience, in that I've had MANY very similar ones.

Following after destiny, is not an easy, comfortable road, but I truly believe that God makes the journey very worth it ... as we continue to trust and follow him.

Go Gurl!

I pray God's richest for you as you continue to follow after Him.


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Sup Nia!

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The Spring of Life said...

Hello Dear Nia,

I just found Your blog! Wow! I truly enjoy the stories You have posted!

...yes, yes, yes, You are SO right about us not using all the talents that we have been given. But when we step out and start using them, we will find out that we are capable of SO much more than we thought previously. And yes, You are so right that when ideas come to us and the more we think about those ideas ...when they grow in our hearts and feel right, we should step out and trust that God is with us, helping us to make a dream come true! Congradulations!

I wish You many blessings and great success in Your business ...and also in motivational blogging!

SmartBlkWoman said...

God works in mysterious ways and He is always speaking to us if we just stop and listen. Your story is proof positive that this is true.

Chick Lit Gurrl said...

Hey Miss Nia. Thank you for signing my blog. I came by to check out yours and came across your CANDY IN YOUR CLOSET story. Great. :-)

Get ta writing!

Spicey said...

The boutique seems to be down. Hopefully it will be back again soon.

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eclecticspace said...

It seems as if my whole week has revolved around "utilizing talents". Not just me and my talents, but helping others use theirs. People ask for signs all the time, but when they see them, they only turn there head.

Carmen said...

Dear Nia,

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tyramade said...

I truly believe that God speaks to us through our passions. I am glad that you are realizing yours. Best of luck to you.

lalover said...

I enjoy your posts. I'd love to be in your blogroll ( I can add you, too.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

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