Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Monday Moment - (I know, it's Tuesday)

From Sudani of “Something Positive Yes” Yahoo group

Don't worry that other people don't know you;worry that you don't know other people.

The old saying fall so true, when its said, its not about
"what you know," but "who you know"
that can make a difference.
How many of us, have "unused" talents and aspirations, that were not pursuing to the fullest capacity b/c we feel
that people don't know how great we really are at it
So sometimes we stop even working at it, or put down our passion, craft, for a regular 9-5.
Well maybe if you made it your business to
"know" those people are successfully pursuing passions
similar to yours, you would be back on track with your goals.
Is doesnt hurt to learn, the how's, what's and when's
about people
who are doing what you want to do got started
Know about them, their works, and their paths...
And by knowing "other" people
And applying what you learned from and about other people
People will eventually know of you.
And knowing if half the battle.

I hope this helps someone, cause it certainly did help me today!

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