Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday's Thought

Developing a "quiet" spirits helps one discern what's speaking to you the loudest.

Got something in you, you want to birth, and get out.

Or maybe you're multi-talented, and have a couple of things in conception mode
that you want to birth twins, triplet, or quadruple style.
Either way, too much going on inside your mind
creates nothing but static, confusion, and often times
Learn to develop "total" quiet time
No phones, No TV, No noise
but the thoughts inside your head
Especially when stressed and confused
and a call to a family member or friend, instead of a call to go quiet
is not in your remedy bag.
When you go into that quiet space.
What ever is deep in you
rings (LOUDLY) through,
producing clarity on what you gotta do!
Try it.
~Sudani Something_Positive_Yes yahoo group

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