Monday, January 22, 2007

God will make provisions for his mission...

One thing I've learned, if it's God sent, or God directed he WILL make a way for it to be done or obtained.
There is nothing the Lord will tell us to do, or no place he will tell us to go without providing a way for us to get there and do it.

This came to me when I was stressing the other night over the many plans I have in motion. The many things I'm trying to accomplish- within MY time, and with MY energy and MY thoughts.
The load was growing way too heavy and everything started to make me a bit over whelmed. ...I was reminded .."my yoke is easy and my burden is light..."
So I prayed, "God, if these are your will- please help me accomplish them because I cant do it alone. "
This time, I did something new after I prayed. I prayed...and I left it- my concerns, there.
I went on my normal day to day feeling much more happier and lighter knowing that someone- GOD... was going to provide an answer very soon.
And he did.

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