Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Motivate, Educate and wait…

*Diva Confession

I will be empowered as I empower others
to flourish in the area of their giftings
I will not seek to control or even contain them
but release them to their calling
With my blessings.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my own motivators, goals and plans- that I forget others.
The same thing that would motivate me to ‘do’ might not motivate you.
As part of being a leader, a motivator, a mentor- we must remember those that are
following or coming to us for support.
Leadership is not about US. But about helping each other accomplish his/her goals.
MY goal is to HELP- guide.
I say this because over the past few weeks, I’ve lead many people to requested
(and some not requested) resources that I know will help them reach their personal
goals. But, when they did not take advantage of the resource, I felt disappointed in
them. I felt as if I had wasted my time. Then, I didn’t follow up with the person in
a ‘loving’, motivating way. I followed up with them in an angry parental way
What do you think was their response?

I lost sight of MY goal.

This week, let’s focus on our leadership goal. This could be applied to any area of
our lives. Let’s motivate by doing. By nurturing. By helping. Helping without
looking for a return. Let’s continue to provide the resources needed to empower
those around us. Then sit back and watch the flowers bloom.
I’m sure we will reap the empowerment we sow, even when it’s unseen.

*Diva Confession taken from the book The DIVA Principle: Secrets to
Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude

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