Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Inspiration is everywhere

I truly believe that. If you’re a writer-any little shift can cause you to have an out pouring of heartfelt sonnets- you know, the one you’ve been wrecking your brain for weeks and searching your soul, trying to find. The slightest sound, raindrop, love interest or news of a birth can help you compose the next masterpiece.
But, why are we dead in-between? Why do we suddenly get ‘writers block’, when we were on a roll?

Are we really seeing the things around us that could inspire us? Are we tapping into the resources we have at hand? Or are we blind and only looking for a major EVENT to inspire us?

Where is my muse?
That has often been my question… followed by “He left me and now I must search for a new one.”
But I was looking for the wrong kind of muse. I was looking for someone to give me the beginning of a piece so I could end it.

Yesterday I took time out of my “ALL ABOUT ME” world, and I ventured into speaking and getting to know people I already have semi-established relationships with. I ventured in solidifying my networking and nurturing them- versus- acquiring a new friend, heavily speaking to them for two days and forgetting about them. I ventured into caring about someone else and what his or her life is like.
In the process I was welcomed with a beautiful surprise. Not only do I have much in common on a business level with these people, but also on a personal level.
People I’ve known of for at least 2 years had the answers to my questions. People with stories that have not only touched me enough to write about, but people with stories that ‘Awed’ me and inspired me to preserver to reach MY goals.
Also, I’ve had a bit of ‘writers’ block on my novel. Unsure of the role a particular character will play, in the process of speaking to a new friend about the premise- it came to me!! Can you imagine the excitement?! LOL

These are all things that would have never opened up to me, it I didn’t open myself up to people. To life. To living.

Inspiration IS everywhere. Let’s remember that and not put on our blinders as we live each day.

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