Monday, September 19, 2005

My faith has enabled me to DO....

....when my head says, “I can’t”
A scripture I read last week has been haunting me.
In Luke 17, the disciples asked Jesus to:

“Give us more Faith…”
Jesus’ response was to the effect of ..(not quoted) ‘if you had Faith the size of a
mustard seed, you can tell a tree to move and it would up root and MOVE…’
…. what a powerful analogy!
Many things came to me, but I'll share two:
1) Do you know how small a mustard seed is? And
2) Some obstacles, aspirations and wants in my life are the size of a little rock
- but when I say “move” they are not shaken.
Should this give me an ideal of my faith in these areas? *

I am always amazed at God’s timing. His timing for everything.
Most recently, his timing for revelation and enlightenment.
I’ve known (memorized) this parable since I was a child.
I’ve heard many sermons on it. Had many ‘grannies’ repeat it.
However, it is only NOW do I understand and can relate it to my life.
And it is NOW that I (and maybe you) need to understand and apply it.
God’s timing is unmatched.

Anyway, I’ve been on the fence about a few of my aspirations…battling with
thoughts of “How can it be done?…” , “Will it be needed or wanted?”…
”Why, again, am I doing it?” ….
"Is it good enough?” …”Am I good enough?” and getting a bit discouraged,
and fearful. Many of life’s obstacles seem to keep interfering with the “smooth”
sailing I anticipated. –MY "perfect" plans are not being followed.
This parable was JUST what I needed. The confirmation of the power I possess.

“MOVE TREE!!!!!!!”
In fact,…

I know, without doubt, that I am called with purpose. A few purposes!
And I know that I can not live without fulfilling them. I just cant. I
t just WILL NOT happen.
I have made up my mind to DO- that which is my calling; regardless of
what may stand in front of me…and I need to reclaim my victory and begin.
There is no time for fear… no time for procrastination…no time for self-doubt.

No time for self-doubt!
…Why? Because my trust is not in myself- but in the LORD that dwells within me.

So this week, I am challenging myself…and all that believe.
Let’s exercise our faith and try to at least have it the size of a mustard seed…
if we can move a tree, imagine what we can do reaching our own small goals.

Peace & Blessings,

*I know that some things(‘crosses to bear’) are placed in our lives to
make us in some way- so all that I want to move will not just up and move...
and this is no reflection on my faith.
But I’m talking about things I KNOW, would be allowed by God if I had more
faith in him working in these areas and not myself. SELF is afraid, and has
totally let ‘fear’ drive, hence my idleness….

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