Monday, June 06, 2005

Less Stress

Taken from Daily Motivator on BBON :

The stress you experience is not caused by the things that happen around you.
Your stress comes from the way you react to those things that happen. To experience less stress, you do not need to undertake some grand project that will change the world around you. It is simply a matter of observing and adjusting the way you respond to life. The things that really upset you are able to get to you because you allow them to do so. You may not be able to stop them from happening, yet you can absolutely choose not to obsess over them. Yes, your stress may indeed be telling you that you need to take some action or another. Yet after you receive the message, there is no need to continue holding on to the stress.

Reducing your stress is as easy as re-directing the focus of your thoughts. The more you practice doing it, the more quickly and naturally it comes.The thoughts you choose to hold in your mind will determine the amount of stress you have.

So choose to leave the stress behind, and put your energy into positive, fulfilling pursuits.

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