Friday, June 17, 2005

Things You Cannot Lose

I’ve had this saved on my desktop for a few days. Wanting to add it to this site, but never finding the time to do so. Today I re-read it and was grateful to God for his divine timing and power. I needed to read this, TODAY. Yesterday, I wouldn’t have heard. Today it was meant for my soul.


Things You Cannot Lose

When you worry too much about losing something, you've already lost it. For your worry prevents you from receiving any value out of whatever you're so worried about losing.
Things do change, and what is here today may well be gone tomorrow. You can worry and fret over that reality, or you can joyfully and lovingly make the most of all you have right now.
The joy that you fully experience, you will not lose. The love that you live and give, cannot be taken from your heart by any outside circumstance.
If you invest yourself too heavily in the fleeting, superficial things in life, you'll be setting yourself up for a shattering disappointment when those things are no longer with you. Instead,
learn to treasure those real, substantial, meaningful things that time and events cannot erase.
Get in the habit of fully living each day with meaning and purpose.
You'll find yourself worrying less about what you have to lose, and focusing more on what you have to use.
Express gratitude for all you have by making the very most of it.
And you'll always have plenty to be thankful for.

Encouragement received from the BBON on Yahoo groups!


mysorean said...

Hi Nia,

I loved this part "Things you cannot lose" so much that I put it on my blog too!

Great one!

Liked your blog. Thought the colour made it difficult to read through.


Nia said...

Thank you! I'm glad you made it here and I will look into changing the color! ;-)