Thursday, June 02, 2005

What are your intentions?

*Diva Confession*

I will strive to be a gift to others, always seeing to enrich their lives as they enrich mine.

“Whether dealing with a man, a mentor, someone in a position to further your understanding in life, or a friend, it should never just be about what they can give to you. You must always be mindful of what you can give to them. You must be willing to exchange resources.
When friendships are not formed from the heart, they will die the moment one of the party’s agendas has been fulfilled. In these cases, one always walks away feeling used, vowing never to be so free about sharing their resources again. But, if a rich deposit is left in the other person’s life, both are richer for he exchange.
What spice do you have to add to someone else’s life?
What thing of beauty?
What common ground or experience?
How much are you willing to give while pursuing what you want?

Diva’s are always considerate, never purposing to take more than they give.”

*Excerpts from the book: The Diva Principle by Michelle McKinney Hammond.

It’s funny that my “Diva Confession” is of this topic. I was speaking with a friend about this today. It’s very important to maintain our relationships. It’s even more important to develop relationships with the right motives. While we all want to prosper and ‘network for success’- we cant truly be successful where it counts *spiritually * if we do not develop relationship with the correct motives. Let’s search ‘us’ and maintain our networks, better yet, let’s establish our networks as friends.

Peace & Blessings

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